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High-speed luxury boating


Cigarette Racing has innovative vision and a legendary style that evokes nostalgia whenever its powerful engines are ignited. That distinctive sound seems to awaken one's wild side and the need for a thrilling ride in open-waters. Cigarette is notorious for speed and have been uniquely hand-crafted in the USA for over 50 years. We are known for executing at a high level and keeping our quality at a premium. Cigarette Racing will continue to build the finest powerboats in the world.

High-speed luxury boating


Embark on a voyage where every detail is meticulously crafted to elevate your boating experience. While we are known for our high speeds, Cigarette Racing offers so much more. These are true offshore boats that are built for rough seas, safely transporting passengers to their destinations, and maximizing the potential of each running surface. They perform just as well in transit as they do at anchor, carefully designed with the latest advancements in technology to enhance every experience. It is a new dimension of comfort, safety and luxury.



Cigarette Racing’s Product Development & Engineering department is in constant pursuit of innovative, creative solutions to bring new concepts to reality. We fuse cutting edge technology with unrivaled engineering and performance to create a thrilling boating experience. Our expertise has propelled Cigarette Racing to the most advanced company in the sector, and has even been featured in academic journals of the Society of Mechanical Engineers. To this day, we continue to develop precision-engineered vessels that deliver unmatched thrill and style.

High-speed luxury boating


Cigarette Racing is known for its supreme design and exclusive style. Our design ethos is about creating sleek performance boats and luxurious center consoles, with versatility that has no bounds. Witness the mastery of craftsmanship that sets us apart by gazing at every curve and every stitch. These are testaments to Cigarette Racing’s commitment to perfection. Our designs add beauty to the world that transcends time and style - it’s one of the key elements that makes Cigarette Racing an icon.

High-speed luxury boating



Cigarette Racing has been proudly hand-crafting powerboats in the USA since 1969. Our workers fuse artistry and engineering to craft boats that redefine boundaries, elevating excellence to new heights. These in-house laminators, upholsterers, riggers, metal workers and painters are the result of women and men who have been with us for decades - and their passion translates into each Cigarette that we deliver.

Personalize it Your Way

No two Cigarettes are alike, each boat reflects the vision of its new owner. Our art director at the Cigarette Design Center leads all designs. For inspiration, they consider various elements such as the automotive industry, fashion houses, boating lifestyle, and every owner’s vision. Each new Cigarette remains a classic that can be handed down for generations.

Luxury Boat Dealership Signage
Luxury Boat Interior with Elegant Furnishings

A Legacy of Greatness

Cigarette Racing’s reputation as the market’s premier powerboat builder is rooted in boating history where performance made its early run for glory. From its inception in 1969 to Aronow’s death in 1987, the company grew in size and reputation, based on the hard-driving, fast-lane living of its founder. Over time, Cigarette has partnered with iconic brands such as Red Bull, Playboy, Ducati and Mercedes-Benz. We effortlessly combine power, precision, comfort and prestige. Redefining versatility with daring designs and unmatched performance. To this day, finding a Cigarette on the water is still a thrilling experience.

Our Facilities

The major move from Thunderboat Row to the new state-of-the-art factory occurred in 2003. The current Manufacturing Facility exemplifies the quality behind the build of each Cigarette Racing boat. It is where we merge cutting-edge designs, unrivaled craftsmanship, and performance to create an electrifying experience. Notoriously known for its cleanliness, order, and quality surrounding each boat under construction. To our advantage, we have contiguous space for lamination, carpentry, finishing, upholstery, rigging, and electrical. Almost every facet of the building process is produced in-house. As we continue to pursue excellence, we continue our plans for expansion and look forward to the future.

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